CLiPS Colloquium by Annie Zaenen

ABSTRACT - Linguistic literature traditionally assumes that factivity, illustrated in (1)  is a characteristic of particular lexical items together with their constructional environment.

  (1)  (a) John knows that the earth is round.

        (b) John doesn’t know that the earth is round. 


AMiCA nominated for LIA award


Research project AMiCA on on-line safety for youngsters is nominated for a language industry award


CLiPS Colloquium by Ewan Dunbar

ABSTRACT - This talk is a briefing on the state of the art in modelling early development of speech perception and lexical acquisition using big speech corpora without annotations, which is a problem that has now brought engineers and computational psycholinguists together under the banner of "unsupervised speech rec

Colloquium by Efstathios Stamatatos

We are very pleased to invite you to the next CLiPS Colloquium.


Colloquium by Gertjan Van Noord

We are very pleased to invite you to the next CLiPS Colloquium.


CLiPS welcomes several guest researchers

In January 2016, CLiPS is hosting Efstathios Stamatatos and Ergina Kavallieratou. Both are professors at the University of the Aegean (Greece).

Welcome to Stephan Tulkens and Simon Suster

We welcomed Stephan Tulkens and Simon Suster this week. Both will be working on the ACCUMULATE project, sponsored by IWT.

Text Analytics for Cybersecurity and Online Safety (TA-COS) workshop


CLiPS is co-organizing the TA-COS workshop at LREC 2016 in Slovenia.

Organizers: Guy De Pauw, Ben Verhoeven, Bart Desmet

Program Chairs: Walter Daelemans, Véronique Hoste

Website: (online soon)

Ihor Biloushchenko is Campuscrack 2015

CLiPS researcher Ihor Biloushchenko won the first prize of the 2015 Campuscrack art competition. He was the best of 28 candidates.

Belgian Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) prediction using text mining

A tool was developed using research by drs. Ellen Tobback (promotor Prof. David Martens & Prof. Walter Daelemans) that uses text mining to predict the EPU index for economic policy uncertainty.