Kim Luyckx

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Project Lead IT | Medical Applications
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University Hospital Antwerp
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(+32) (0)3 821 3994

About Me


I am an expert in text mining, machine learning, data science, and more recently health IT. As an IT project lead at the Antwerp University Hospital (since January 2012), I am involved in the hospital-wide implementation of an integrated Electronic Medical Record.

My PhD dissertation (2005-2010) was about computational stylometry, viz. the computational analysis of writing style, and its applications in authorship attribution and personality prediction. The focus of my research was particularly on the stability of state-of-the-art methods when applied on a large scale.

Since my PhD (after 2010), I have been involved in the setting up of a project in large-scale social media monitoring. I also taught MA courses on computational semantics and discourse at the University of Antwerp and the Universite Libre de Bruxelles.