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Supervised PhDs

  1. dr. Chris Emmery, (User-centered security in natural language processing, 2023, Tilburg). Assistant professor at Tilburg University.
  2. dr. Nicolae Banari, (Applications of artificial intelligence for the resource-scarce cultural heritage domain. From language and image processing to multi-modality, 2022, Antwerp). Postdoctoral researcher at University of Antwerp.
  3. dr. Tim Kreutz, (Tapping the Social Stream. Inducing Language Resources for Computational Social Science, 2022, Antwerp). Data Scientist at
  4. dr. Pieter Fivez, (More Meaning Than Meets the Eye. Robust and Scalable Applications of Pretrained Representations for Biomedical NLP, 2021, Antwerp). Postdoctoral researcher at University of Antwerp.

  5. dr. Madhumita Sushil, (Exploring and Understanding Neural Models for Clinical Tasks, 2021, Antwerp). Postdoctoral researcher at University of California

  6. dr. Stéphan Tulkens, (Dynamic Reading. The processing of orthographic features by dynamical systems, 2020, Antwerp).Data Scientist at

  7. dr. Lisa Hilte, (The Social in Social Media Writing. The impact of age, gender and social class indicators on adolescents' informal online writing practices, 2019, Antwerp). FWO postdoc at University of Antwerp.

  8. dr. Giovanni Cassani, (The Bootstrapping Toolbox. Which cues are more useful to learn lexical categories and why?, 2019, Antwerp). Assistent professor at Tilburg University.

  9. dr. Robert Grimm (Computational Mechanisms for Bootstrapping in Language Development, 2018, Antwerp). Data Scientist at Covestro.

  10. dr. Ben Verhoeven (Two Authors Walk into a Bar, 2018, Antwerp). Owner at ERLNMYR

  11. dr. Elyne Scheurwegs (Data Integration for Clinical Coding Algorithms, 2017, Antwerp). Data Engineer UZA.

  12. dr. Janneke van de Loo (Machine learning approaches to modeling language use of individuals and demographic groups. Applications in societally relevant natural language processing, 2016, Antwerp). NLP Scientist Elsevier.

  13. dr. Nina Verhaert (Rules or Regularities? The Homophone Dominance Effect in Spelling and Reading Regular Dutch Verb Forms, 2016, Antwerp). Marketing Manager at

  14. dr. Frederik Vaassen (Measuring Emotion: Exploring the Feasibility of Automatically Classifying Emotional Text, 2014, Antwerp). Engineering Manager at StepStone.

  15. dr. Phil Jackson (Toward Human-Level Artificial Intelligence. Representation and Computation of Meaning in Natural Language, 2014, Tilburg). TalaMind LLC.

  16. dr. Bram Vandekerckhove (Exemplar-based generalization at the interface between syntax and semantics, 2013, Antwerpen). Chief Data Scientist at sAInaptic.

  17. dr. Tom De Smedt (Modeling Creativity. Case Studies in Python, 2013, Antwerpen). Postdoc Sint-Lucas, co-founder Textgain.

  18. dr. Vincent Van Asch (Domain similarity measures. On the use of distance metrics in natural language processing, 2012, Antwerpen). Data scientist at Cropland.

  19. dr. Mike Kestemont (Het gewicht van de auteur. Een onderzoek naar stylometrische auteursherkenning in de Middelnederlandse epiek, 2012, Antwerpen). Assistent professor at University of Antwerp.

  20. dr. Kim Luyckx (Scalability Issues in Authorship Attribution, 2010, Antwerpen). Regional Manager @ BHIC - Portfolio manager @ BlueHealth Innovation Fund.

  21. dr. Lieve Macken (Sub-sentential alignment of translational correspondences, 2010, Antwerpen). Associate professor University of Ghent.

  22. dr. Stephan Raaijmakers (Multinomial Language Learning. Investigations into the geometry of language, 2009, Tilburg). Professor of Communicative AI at Leiden University (LUCL) and senior scientist AI/NLP at TNO

  23. dr. Sander Canisius (Structured prediction for natural language processing. A constraint satisfaction approach, 2009, Tilburg). Associate Staff Scientist Netherlands Cancer Institute.

  24. dr. Eric Van Horenbeeck (Topical Facets. Semantic patterns between documents and the vocabulary, 2008, Antwerp). Business Development Manager at Alexandria.Works, researcher at University of Antwerp.

  25. dr. Remi Van Trijp (Analogy and Multi-Level Selection in the Formation of a Case Grammar, 2008, Antwerp). Head language research unit SONY Computer Science Lab, Paris.

  26. dr. Emmanuel Keuleers (Memory-Based Learning of Inflectional Morphology, 2008, Antwerp). Associate Professor in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University.

  27. dr. Martin Reynaert (Text Induced Spelling Correction, 2005, Tilburg). Postdoc researcher at Tilburg University.

  28. dr. Iris Hendrickx (Local classification and global estimation. Explorations of the k-nearest neighbor algorithm, 2005, Tilburg). Postdoc and assistent professor at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

  29. dr. Véronique Hoste (Optimization issues in machine learning of coreference resolution, 2004, Antwerp). Full Professor of Computational Linguistics at Ghent University.

  30. dr. Piroska Lendvai (Extracting information from spoken user input, 2004, Tilburg). Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin IT & DH at Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich.

  31. dr. Olga van Herwijnen (Weighted error minimization in assigning prosodic structure for synthetic speech, 2004, Eindhoven). Secretary to the Board at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology.

  32. dr. Laura Maruster (A machine learning approach to understanding business processes, 2003, Eindhoven). Assistent professor at University of Groningen.

  33. dr. Guy De Pauw (An agent-based evolutionary computing approach to memory-based syntactic parsing of natural language, 2002, Antwerp). CEO Textgain.

  34. dr. Sabine Buchholz (Memory-based grammatical relation finding, 2002, Tilburg). Senior AI Scientist at Ieso Digital Health.

  35. dr. Sabine Geldof (Context-sensitivity in advisory text generation, 2000, Antwerp). Researcher and project manager at Namahn.

  36. dr. Hans Paijmans (Explorations in the document vector model of information retrieval, 1999, Tilburg, co-supervisor). Senior Technical Advisor at Gcorner-glass; Tilburg University lecturer (retired).

Current PhD Supervision

Ehsan Lotfi; Maxime De Bruyn; Jens Lemmens; Jens Van Nooten; Andrew Kosar; Ine Gevers; Simon Blanchart; August De Mulder; Nerses Yuzbashian; Elif Kilik; Leonardo Grotti.

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